IAFE TRADE by Chehuel S.A. is a virtual platform for international B2B trade. It is a global center for promotion, meeting and transaction between exporters, importers, companies and professionals who provide related services and international franchisors. Advertisers and sponsors also participate. Here companies can contact each other directly and do business or request our intervention and carry out operations within the platform.
It is the first B2B Import and Export Center without a host country that also includes Services. In other words, it does not promote the exporters of a single country but rather works as a global trade center where exporters and importers from all countries participate, allowing them to be compared.
Now all International Trade is in one place. IAFE TRADE. Your gateway to the world.


This platform was thought and created by specialists in international trade so that importers from all over the world can find reliable products and suppliers from different countries in the same place and can compare them. By having more quantity and variety to choose from, the buyer will be able to make better decisions. Our platform is also ideal for finding companies or professionals that provide related services from different countries.
  • The site has 20 categories and hundreds of subcategories. (Based on the Harmonized System.)
  • Registration is Free for all and allows companies to be uploaded to directories. We have 5 types of registration: Exporter, Importer, Service, Franchise and Sponsor. X, M, S, F or A.
  • Each client with his Free registration opens an FTO (Foreign Trade Office). The FTO is the virtual office of each company that will allow you to upload your profile, your contact information, receive notifications and messages from other companies, buy services, upload a showroom with products if it is an exporter, etc. The FTOs of our 5 types of customers are different, but they all serve the same function. Be your center of operations on the platform. There are export companies that use the FTO as their own website. We advise a Premium membership for this. All FTOs are uploaded to directories to be found by those who enter them.
  • All registrants can also download the free FTO App to stay connected and carry important business in their pocket.
  • Exporters and importers can also buy Services or Memberships according to the budget allocated. They can buy the entry to the “Order Note Box”, announcements of offers on the platform and in our monthly newsletter, request a Video Verifier, consult commercial reports, etc. Classic (Free), Premium or Gold Memberships are ideal service combos for SMEs. We also have plans for companies that are both importers and exporters, multi-category companies and giants of international trade.
  • The site has large directories of exporters and importers with search engines. You can only enter these directories and contact the companies having a paid membership. The great advantage of this is that there are all the companies with their profiles, contact details, verification videos and ratings. Everything neat and in one ideal place to compare.
  • The contact between the companies is unrestricted, direct and without intermediaries, unless they request it.
  • We have a system of Verifying Videos uploaded to the platform and to our YouTube channel “IAFE TRADE”, with ../images sent by the companies and edited by us.
  • Importers enter the category of their interest and free and very easily complete an Order Note. Importers can make all the order notes they want for free.
  • We have an “Order Notes Box” in each category. When an importer makes an Order Note, it is loaded into the category's ONB and the exporters find them there.
  • Exporters, paying a membership, will be able to enter the directory of importers and offer their products or establish commercial contacts. They can also enter the ONB of the category and find the orders left by importers. These services can also be contracted separately if you do not want to buy a membership.
  • We have a file of commercial reports and cross qualification that can be seen in the directories, to the right of each company. This allows to keep a record of the behavior of each company and encourages users to acquire paid memberships. These reports are anonymous.
  • Each category has an international franchise section.
  • We have in the index a system of "Flags" that allows you to find services and professionals in each country, by category and with a search engine. Ads are paid. The entrance is free for clients.
  • These Professionals and Service Providers, Franchisors and Sponsors, after registration open their FTO and choose and edit their notices, with texts, ../images and contact information. There are different types of ads depending on the size and position in search engines.

    Make international trade simpler, direct, cheap, comprehensive and secure.
  • Simple because you will find everything you are looking for quickly.
  • Direct because there are no intermediaries here. You will contact your counterparts.
  • Cheap because you can register for free and start receiving order notes, or post offers, request orders for business reports, access our YouTube channel with a video checker and be in our monthly newsletter through very accessible annual memberships.
  • Comprehensive because here you will find importers, exporters, logistics and distribution companies, banks, customs and foreign trade companies, lawyers, brokers, etc. All friendly companies ordered by countries that can help you.
  • Safe because we have our commercial information center where you can check the commercial history of companies for your peace of mind and also leave your comments after an operation to enrich this file.

    IAFE TRADE promotes a reliable and safe work policy.
    Companies that respect agreements, that comply with deliveries on time, form and quality and that seek healthy and lasting commercial relationships where everyone wins.


  • IAFE: Word of the Hebrew language that means beautiful, well done. Positive connotation and approval. Next to the term "Trade" it would be "Good trade". Iafe Trade.
  • I.A.F.E .: Industry Approved For Export. Quality certification seal.
  • The Iafe Trade team

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