Welcome to
"IAFE TRADE International"
B2B Import & Export Center

IAFE TRADE is the 1st Global Digital Center for International Trade, Business to Business (B2B)


  • Manufacturers and wholesalers who want to sell their products abroad (Exporters),
  • International buyers who want to purchase products or inputs from abroad by quantity comparing suppliers from different countries (Importers),
  • Professionals and Services Companies related to foreign trade that can help both.

    (Iafe Trade uses artificial intelligence)
    We have 2 sections that you can access from the Home

    1. Product Categories (20):
    Here international sellers (Exporters) whether manufacturers or wholesalers publish and sell their products (in the category to which they belong) and international buyers (Importers) search for and buy them.
    They all communicate with each other directly.

    2. Professionals and Service Companies related to foreign trade (Flags):
    Post their ads on the flag of the country where they provide their services to be found by exporters and importers. They also announce here chambers and public organisms


    Register as an exporter, importer, professional or service company with a free or paid membership, and open a virtual foreign trade office (FTO). The FTO will be your operations center on the platform. There you can send and receive messages, acquire Iafe services, have your product showroom (exporters), make order notes (importers), have statistics, etc.

    X – EXPORTER - If you are an International Seller you can:

      1. Complete your FTO with company profile, presentation banner and contact information. We will upload your FTO to the exporters directory so that importers looking for companies with your profile can find you and contact you directly.

      2. Upload your products with name, description, price and images. These products will be in your showroom and will also appear in the searches of importers in the category you chose. Buyers will contact you directly. IAFE TRADE DOES NOT CHARGE COMMISSIONS. You will only pay the cost of publication.

      3. Enter the Order Notes box of your category and search for product orders left by importers.

      4. Enter the Directory of Importers, search and contact buyers from all over the world.

      5. Buy product publications in monthly offers that we will send by newsletter, your video verifier, more clicks, commercial reports and many more services.

    M – IMPORTER - If you are an International buyer you can:

      1. Complete your FTO with company profile, products of interest, presentation and contact information.
      We will upload your FTO to the importers directory so that exporters looking for companies with your profile can find you and contact you directly.

      2. Make all the order notes you want asking for the products you need. These order notes will be uploaded in the Order Note Box of the category to which they belong and the exporters who enter will contact you if they have what you need.

      3. Enter the category of your interest to find products from different suppliers in different countries and buy or contact the sellers. You will also find outstanding offers of the month and you can buy with significant discounts directly to the seller.

      4. Enter the directory of exporters, search and contact suppliers directly.

      5. Buy business records, more clicks, video verifier and many more services.

    You can also register with an "R" as an Importer and Exporter at the same time. This registration is used, for example, for companies importing raw materials and exporting finished products.

    P – PROFESSIONAL or S – SERVICE - If you are a Professional or a Service Company you can:

      1. Publish an advertisement on the flag of the country in which you provide your services. This announcement will be published for 1 year in the directory of the chosen country with your direct contact details. Importers and exporters from all over the world will contact you to hire your services.

      2. Enter the directories of exporters or importers to offer your services.

      3. Buy more clicks or a video verifier

    5 STEPS TO GET STARTED – You can sign up with a Free or Paid membership

    1. Enter the "Register" button of the Home.

    2. Choose the registration option according to who you are, exporter, importer, professional, etc.

    3. Upload your profile and data, a banner presentation for the directory and choose membership,

    4. (Exporters and importers can choose free or paid membership. Professionals and service companies have 3 types of ads to choose from from USD 120.- annually)

    5. Send the form and that's it.

    6. You'll be active in 24 hours and you'll be able to start working from your new virtual Foreign Trade Office (FTO).
  • Then, you can load products if you are an exporter and order notes if you are an importer. Everyone will be able to download our app, when it becomes available, and take their FTO everywhere.
  • They will also be able to rate companies through commercial reports after an operation. These reports will be reflected in the stars next to each company and will be kept in our files as business background.

  • Now, at IAFE TRADE, your international business is simpler, safer and cheaper.

    IAFE TRADE International, your gateway to the world.

    The IAFE TRADE Team