IAFE TRADE is the first B2B international trade platform that brings together exporters, importers, service companies, professionals, chambers, public organizations and franchisors from all over the world. It is the meeting place, promotion and transaction of international B2B trade.
Unlike other B2B platforms, Iafe Trade does not promote exporting companies from a one country, but rather seeks the plurality of offers from different countries for the same product, giving to the importer the possibility to compare and make better decisions. As more importers choose their purchases here, more exporters load their products here. All simple, safe and very economical.
Iafe Trade has 2 large sections: "Categories" and "Flags". You can access them from index.

It is expensive?
Not in any way.
We have memberships and services that are adjusted to the size and possibility of each company.
With our rates, all exporting companies of all sizes from all countries will be in a position to display their products and be found and contacted by importers.
Our policy also allows professionals and international service companies to be seen around the world within the flag of the country to which they belong for a rate that fits well with each budget. In addition, for the published products included in the memberships Iafe Trade does not retain commissions, resulting in the price of the membership, the only commercial cost.
You can also contract the publication of more products or access to more order notes for a minimal cost.

How can I register?
Entering the register button you must complete a simple form and that way you will be registered. You will then be able to complete your FTO (Foreign Trade Office). Within 24 hours you will receive the approval of the data and your FTO will be uploaded in the corresponding directory..

Can I register as an importer and exporter at the same time?
Yes. Sometimes there are companies that want to export their manufactures and import their inputs or raw materials. If this is the case, you must register with the letter "R" as an importer and exporter and open a mixed FTO. This will allow you to independently manage your sales and purchases. You will pay for the chosen exporter membership and you will get a 50% discount on the chosen importer membership. So you will have only one company code.

How does the platform work?
Upon entering you will find a keypad at the top that will guide you. There you will find our explanatory videos, our services and memberships, details of our company and the registration button. If you are an exporter you can register with a Classic, Premmium or gold membership. There you will load the company profile with your data and the products you want to export. Importers will be able to register for free, leave order notes or search for exporters in the directory. Service companies and professionals will also need to register and complete their advertisement. This ad will be loaded on the banner where the company provides its services.

What is the FTO and what is it for?
The FTO is the Foreign Trade Office of each company on the platform. It works in different ways depending on whether you are an Exporter, Importer, Service Provider, Professional, Camera, Public Body, Sponsor or Franchisor. There you upload your company profile, your contact details, your web site, etc. In your FTO you will receive the contacts of other companies that are interested in doing business and you will receive notifications from IAFE TRADE. You can also sell your products if you are an exporter, buy services or change membership and make free order notes if you are an importer.

What is the advantage of having a Premium Membership? With a Premium Membership you have many benefits that will give you greater visibility and mobility within the platform. The exporter will be able to have 2 outstanding offers every month on the platform and in the newsletter that we will send to importers around the world, they will be able to enter the complete list of importers, promote 25 products, participate in 24 commercial opportunities and many more benefits. As an importer with a Premmium membership you will be able to enter the complete list of exporters and directly contact all of them, the Classic and the Premmium.
The Premmium memberships in both cases allow to see all the direct contacts of the counterparts. Classic memberships only allow you to contact each other through messages on the FTOs. One of the 2 should at least be Premmium for the contacts to open and show.

Are the contacts direct?
Contacts are displayed when one of the two companies contacted is a Premmium member.
A Classic exporter may enter the directory of importers and contact them through Iafe, but will only see their direct data if it is Premmium or if the importer is Premmium. The Premmium importer will be able to enter the exporters directory and see the direct data of all the exporters. The Classic, Premmium and Gold.
But if the importer is Classic, you will only see the contacts of the Premmium or Gold exporters. Likewise, everyone can be contacted by leaving messages in their FTOs.

Can I change my membership once I sign up?
Yes. You don't have to wait a year. Memberships are always annual. You can start with a Classic membership and upgrade to Premium or Gold whenever you want. From the moment of acquiring the Premmium membership, the year will begin to run again. All memberships are always paid in advance.

Can I only hire services?
Yes but you must be registered to purchase a service or product advertising plan.

Can I receive a newsletter of offers without being registered?
Yes. You have the possibility of receiving the newsletter of offers by accepting in the index at the bottom or in each category.

If I am an importer, can I make an order note?
Yes. For this you must be registered. The Importer Classic membership registration and order note are FREE and you can make all the orders you need. Then you will receive the responses from the exporters in your FTO..

What is the advantage of having a Video Verifier?
All companies, especially importers, are interested in knowing their supplier. Images of the factory, facilities, offices, operations, etc., of the exporter will give the importer a more complete impression. With an image video, edited by IAFE TRADE, the importer will be able to know his supplier from within. And exporters will have the great advantage that this video will be seen from the platform in the exporter's FTO and on our YouTube channel. The visualization of the company will be much greater. And also, customers almost always choose companies that have video. This increases sales.
In the case of sponsors and franchisors, it is also very convenient to show the operation of your company with the video.

Are the payments monthly or yearly? Payments are annual. This is because in international trade, at the B2B level, the results in commercial negotiations are not immediate. In this type of operation, the quantities of merchandise sold and the amounts are greater, so buyers want to know their suppliers in greater depth. The search for a suitable supplier, negotiations, the sending of samples, permits, customs details and other typical aspects of international trade, slow down the export and import process. B2B commerce is not like selling to the end consumer. Here the risks are greater and for this reason the businesses are slower. It is important to understand this process.

What are Commercial Reports and what are they for?
Commercial reports are reports and impressions that companies leave us based on their experience with a counterpart. These reports are free and anonymous, and are part of the business history of the companies. We want companies to do business more securely and if someone had a bad experience, the reports allow us to prevent this from happening again. The reports are loaded in the stars of each company.

Can I leave you a suggestion?
Yes. Of course. Our platform is for you. For your benefit. We accept any suggestion that improves it so that you can do better business.

Can I unsubscribe?
Yes. Sure. You can unsubscribe whenever you want. At the bottom of the index you will find the button.

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